About Us

Processing & synthesising smart lubricants to keep the world moving forward!

The Vasoil Story

We have been processing, synthesising and distributing premium lubricants and other custom made blends since 1982. Through the years, we have expanded and specialised our product range to cover a plethora of applications and industries including marine. Our know-how and expertise are attested by our partnerships with premium global industry leaders such as BP, Total, Shell and Castrol. Our Research & Development, manufacturing and Quality Control Laboratory personnel are committed to standards of excellence across all product lines.

This is why clients from various industries and across the Eastern Mediterranean, Northern Africa and the Middle East are actively working with Vasoil to produce and supply specialised blends and micro-budges according to exact specifications. Vasoil has also been the exclusively producer and supplier of specialised lubricants to army units as well as honouring extraordinary government contracts – evidence of the quality of materials used by certified suppliers and the certified formulations for the production of the lubricants.

Beyond the production and distribution of premium lubricants and specialised blends, we have also paid attention to safeguard our environment. This is why we cooperate with Ecofuel for gathering used oil from local clients as well as working with Green Dot for the collection of used packages. Our mission is to produce and supply custom made mineral and synthetic products that comply with the latest specification and environmental requirements while they are suitable for use in the most demanding conditions across commercial, industrial, agricultural, marine or heavy duty applications.

Pillars of Success

Our Mission

We put all our energy in synthesising, producing and distributing high quality lubricants that are tailor made to add value to each and every single client order.

Our Vision

We want to enhance capabilities and extend our R&D to encompass multiple industries and applications whilst serving every single market segment.

Our Values

We will continue to have a quality focus on the triad of product range, the environment we operate in and our people in order to continue to have exceptional results for all stakeholders.

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