Compresor Oil


VAS-AIRCOM SYN is Fully synthetic, PAO based lubricants designed for all types of air compressors. They offer excellent wear and oxidation protection for long intervals of oil
change.Operating characteristics / advantages
1. Excellent thermal stability.
2. Resistance to oxidation and deterioration at high temperatures
3. Minimum deposits and residues
4. Excellent performance under high pressures
5. Long service life of the lubricant (up to 12000 hours where allowed by manufactures)
6. Excellent water separation properties.
7. Protection of metal parts against corrosion and oxidation


VAS-AIRCOM is a fine quality air compressor lubricant, with a specially balanced additive combination. It is formulated to meet high-output, hot running reciprocating compressors. It protects from carbon and deposit formation.
1. Exceptional resistance to oxidation
2. Less carbon and deposit formation
1. 3.Reduses fire and explosion hazards
2. 4.Low volatility
3. 5.Longer life of up to 4000 hours (where allowed by manufacturers) even when
4. operating at maximum discharge temperatures of up to 100°C
5. 6.Excessive resistance to the formation of emulsion with water
6. 7.Reduced operation and maintenance cost


VAS-REFRIGEROL LTS are superior lubricants formulated with special quality base synthetic oils. They are characterized by very low pour point and chemical stability. Due to these characteristics these lubricants are strongly recommended for refrigerator compressor lubrication.
1.Outstanding properties at very low temperatures
2.Excellent anti-oxidant properties
3.Very low pour and cloud point
4.Outstanding thermal and chemical stability
5.Effective protection from sludge and deposit formation
6.Long service life


VAS-REFRIGEROL is a top quality, exceptionally low pour point lubricant. Especially designed for lubrication of refrigeration reciprocating and rotary compressors and all types of refrigerants and refrigeration systems.
1. High heat and chemical stability
2. Strong lubricating film
3. Low cloud point
4. Ability of mixing with coolants
5. High resistance to the formation of deposits
6. Effective oxidation resistance