Research and Development

Applicable R&D

Our R&D and improvement focused engineering is central to our everyday operations and quality controls, which sets Vasoil Lubricants requirements and standards, as well as providing guidance and deep technical expertise across industries and sectors.

We’re effectively problem solvers, who believe in attainable and measurable targets and results, while investing in equipment and technologies that deliver lubricant solutions for the most basic as well as the most challenging hardware requirements.

Since 1982

Since our foundation we have been restless in better understanding our science and have never stop doing it. This solid track record equips us with the confidence to continue to transform, change and innovate at pace and scale, while always focussing on our core values of safety, quality and value.

Core Activities

Next-generation biofuel fit-for-service evaluation

Open, bench-scale lubricant testing methodology

Fully-formulated oil fit-for-service evaluation

Complemented by leading European partnerships.

All our efforts are complemented by leading European partnerships, increasingly orientated towards cumulative capabilities of creating more sustainable products for decades to come. This also involves a chain of partnerships to ensure proper disposal and recycling of materials and packaging.

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